Though Benalmádena is an urban sprawl, it holds, strangely enough, some of the most natural beach enclaves on the Costa del Sol. This has a lot to do with the kind of terrain this part of the coast has to offer. There are many cliffs and generally uneven levels that make many of these beaches seem small and exclusive. 

Benalmádena offers variety that includes a nudist beach and a beach for dogs, that are usually barred from these areas. 

Once more, we offer you some information on the accessible beaches from east to west…

Torrebermeja Beach

Upon leaving the Marina, at 32.000 square meters, we find the largest of all Benalmádena beaches. This is a busy urban beach that offers no end of services and amenities. It is frequented by the local population as it offers many sports events all year round. It is populated by garden areas with grass and palm trees that make for a pleasant walk. Also to be considered is the gradual deepening of the waters, with a large shallow area, making it a great beach for children and the elderly It also has 2 areas that have been specifically designed to offer total access for the disabled. 

Santa Ana Beach

This is one of the preferred beaches for families as the dark sands are visited by very slow waves, making it ideal for kids. It also offers a great variety of eateries, making it a very convenient place to spend your day on the beach.  

Bil-Bil Beach

Situated at only 2 kilometers of the Sports Harbor of Benalmádena and a few meters from Parque Paloma, this is one of the most popular beaches in Benalmádena…it is a pleasant 1 kilometer walk amongst the palm trees that are scattered on this beach, and it offers a beautiful view of the castle of the same name, offering the visitor a sensation of partaking in everyone’s favorite fantasy of “Castles in Spain”.  Memorable. 

Arroyo de la Miel Beach

This is a popular urban beach well covered by services to include lifeguards, showers, sunbeds and water sport amenities. There is even a rock jetty that is ideal for snorkeling and allows a view of many small local sea creatures. It is about 1-kilometer-long and is usually quite busy due to the multiple hotels and apartment blocks that surround it. 

Las Verdas Beach

This is the ending of the Arroyo de la Miel beach, and is 0.75 kilometers of thick dark sand with plenty of sunbeds and a chilled attitude. It is also oriented with protection against the west winds that occasionally whistle down the coast. 

Torrequebrada Beach

This is one of the smallest beaches in the city, and it is quite rocky as well. Despite this, it is popular amongst people who wish a quieter beach experience. Despite being short (only 100 meters) it is some 20 meters wide which allow sufficient sunbeds for all. 

Las Yuccas Beach

This is the natural continuation of Torrequemada, with a little sand but mostly pebbles. It is only some 400 meters long and maintains the consistent 20 meters width that this area usually offers. Though it is a quiet and discrete beach on land, it is a favorite for scuba diving. This is a somewhat wild beach easily accessible from the main road. 

Benalnatura Beach

This is a little cove that operates as a nudist beach. It is the only one in Benalmádena. Its exuberant vegetation hides it from unwelcome eyes, and it is a small (100X40 meters) oasis of peace on the coast. The access is hidden in the vegetation and must be on foot from the road. There is not the possibility of accessing from the beach, making it a well-kept secret.

La Viborilla Beach

This little gem is only 100 meters long and 10 to 15 meters wide. It is surrounded by palm trees that confer it a feeling of oasis amidst the civilization of the Costa del Sol. It is ideal for snorkeling and diving and accessible from the main road where you can park. The access is on foot and is not the easiest.   

Malibu Beach/Arroyo Hondo Beach

These two are united and accessible from each other. They hold a mixture of sand and pebbles. They serve some hotels situated on the beachfront, and therefore, are usually busy with their customers during the tourist season in summer. Despite this, the atmosphere is quite relaxed as they are beaches usually only used by holiday-makers from the hotels. The larger of the two is arroyo Hondo which is roughly 400 meter-long and has peaceful waters that make it great for children. 

Playa Bonita 

This is a beach that is surrounded by a stone jetty that keep the waters calm, making it a great favorite amongst families with children. Unfortunately, in the water we will find many rocks on the bottom, requiring us to pay attention to where we step. The beach is some 600-meter-long and approximately 15 to 20 meters wide. Access is either from Arroyo Hondo in the east or the next beach, Torremuelle, in the west. 

Torremuelle Beach

This is a kilometer of coves, both sandy (black and thick) and rocky. The tower built by Romans and visible in some areas of this beach, gives it its name…Torremuelle means  “dock tower” as this was where the Romans set sail from this area. Despite the historical distinction, it is a largely solitary set of beaches all year round. On days that the waves are not beating against the shore, it makes for good diving as there are many remnants of ancient shipwrecks. 

Morera Beach/ Perla Beach

These twin beaches are the most natural of enclaves in the township. They consist of a small cove that is easily accessible and offers the visitor the sensation of being far from civilization as there are very few constructions on the beachfront. The beach is about 700 meters long and has thick and dark sand. The sea tends to be a bit choppy so it is recommendable to avoid bringing the smaller ones…

Tajo de la Soga Beach and Benalcán

This is the least tamed beach in the township. It really had scarce clientele until 2019 when the city of Benalmádena incorporate Benalcán, the first beach for dogs on the Costa del Sol.  But not only does this beach offer services and amenities to our furry friends, it also has everything necessary for a pleasant beach day for humans including sunbeds, restaurants and easy access to the beach for the disabled. 

Carvajal Beach

This beach establishes the border with Fuengirola, the next township, and caters both to families and to a younger crowd, many of whom come by train at the nearby station. Carvajal beach has golden and fine sand, and a great beach bar that is a buzzing social hotspot in the war season. It offers amenities to include water sports and the sea is usually non-aggressive, allowing for fun without great danger. This beach is usually very busy in the summer as it has easy parking and attracts many people from the following township, as well as many from Benalmádena who wish to go a bit further to uncharted territories.