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1 Live chat

If live chat is best for you, let's meet at your property. You will meet one of our team members and with info gained from this visit we will give you recommendations and estimates.

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2 Creating value for the property

If your apartment has potential but is not up to the highest standards we seek, we might invest in your property.

Legal matters image

3 Legal matters

We will help you get licences, contracts, if needed accountants and insurance etc.

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4 Inventory checklist

We provide bed linen and towels, toiletries for guests, a welcome pack and much more to make guests feel at home.

Interior design and decoration if needed image

5 Interior design and decoration if needed

We will make your apartment viral, with detailed decorations. Customers will feel better than at home, come back, or share their experience with their friends or social media.

Digital locks installation image

6 Digital locks installation

Customers won’t lose the keys and no more lock changing inconvenience. The smart lock is the easy way to upgrade your front door. It fits over your existing lock and can be opened manually, with a fob or mobile app - but not by unwelcome guests, thanks to its bulletproof encrypting.

Digital House Guide image

7 Digital House Guide

Through our digital welcome book, our guests can start planning their holiday as soon as they have booked their holiday home. Wifi login, parking space, how the washing machine works to safety regulations etc. the best restaurants, family fun and much much more.

Professional photography image

8 Professional photography

Getting more people to love the pictures of your property faster and become more will help the home rent be profitable.

Branding image

9 Branding

Guests are faced with endless options of vacation rentals in each particular place. Defining your vacation rental brand isn’t as simple as choosing a name and a logo, there are many other factors to consider. It will involve having coherent colour schemes, styles, and design choices across your whole vacation rental site. These choices will, in turn, play a huge role in the marketing of your property.

100% Transparency - Setting up the owners’ app image

10 100% Transparency - Setting up the owners’ app

Owners will be notified the same second a booking gets confirmed and will have access to our booking system, to have full control of his/her rental business. Owners can block in the calendar themselves if they need to use the property for their own vacation or family meetings.

Now you can relax, earn money and do the things you like the most…

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Questions You Might Have Before Contacting Us:

Before you can start renting your home as a holiday property, there are a few steps to follow. First, you need to check with your community to determine if holiday rentals are allowed in your building. Second, you'll need to apply for and obtain a tourist license for your apartment. If you require assistance with the license application, we can provide support.

We can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your apartment's potential rental income once we have all the necessary details and photos of your holiday home.

Yes, we have a contract that is open-ended and can be canceled at any time.

We charge a commission based on your income, which is a fixed percentage of the income you, as the owner, receive.

No, there is no long-term commitment in our contracts.

No, to provide the best service to customers, we do not offer cleaning services only. We provide comprehensive property management services to the owners.

We take care of everything for you, including marketing, professional photography, property staging, ad creation and review on multiple portals, setting and updating prices and minimum stay requirements, reservations, customer service, check-in, traveler report registration for the police, check-out, cleaning, maintenance management, 24-hour guest support, and administrative tasks such as contract signing, monthly settlements to owners, and invoicing.

Rental income is disbursed once a month for all completed reservations.

Yes, income from holiday rentals is subject to taxation. You need to declare the income annually in your personal income tax (IRPF) return if you operate your VFT as an individual.

Yes, you can use the apartment as much as you need for your own purposes.

Yes, we can help you set up and manage your building with multiple apartments.

Yes, this service is included in our comprehensive management services.