Do you own a property in Costa del Sol and wish to rent it but want someone else to do it for you? The Sunshine Homes team are specialists in holiday rentals and property management who can guide you through the renting process and take care of all the details.

The process of renting via us is easy and efficient with commission based plans allowing homeowners to increase their revenue up to 30%. Sunshine Homes team will provide you with advice that is led by experience but also with a genuine interest for you to succeed. Hence, we give our professional advice for free to make the renting journey even easier.

Professional Advice

Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in property management. In our office we have accountants and a lawyer so if you need assistance pre-purchase property or obtain touristic license or just help submitting your yearly income tax , we can help you with that

Professional Cleaning & Maintenance

This is where the good reviews happen! We have incredibly high standards when it comes to the cleanliness of our apartments. Our team of professionals looks after our properties to an impeccable condition.


Sustainability is a journey which we’ve taken very seriously. We have strong protocols in place and always aim to educate ourselves so we can do better as well as support the people in our business to do the same!

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